Shunte Ki pao-2013 The Best Movie of Paris

By   April 2, 2013

The best film award in Paris took Bangladeshi film’ Shunte Ki Pao’. The standard rooms have a staple of French and European movie The relay, 35 th Festival debut last Saturday night at the closing awards are given. Paris is famous award will be announced at the Conference Center George pampidyu. The main room of the grand Prix selected from around the world more than 10 invitations with movie Shunte Shunte Ki pao-2013 The Best Movie of Paris, Image, Photo gallery

Ki Pao.

The coal missing something Bhadra river draining the land and rescue the story of the struggle to create an oscillatory Feature standard movie ‘Shunte Ki Pao’. Two years later he citrayita movie scripts, manage and filmed by Kamar Ahmed Simon and sponsored by the Sara Afrin. The ‘Shute Ki Pao’ film award competitive grants from the European and Asian Forum for documentary the best way is accepted. The Berlin Film Festival in a special room at 2012 ‘Berlin Talent Campus’ – Lan’s editing is limited to only 9 are invited from around the world in the movie of this invitation.

It is now abundantly quality documentary film being made of Bangladesh??. The documentary film are not only in Bangladesh but also abroad are widely popular. The film is a documentary Shunte Ki pao. It is widely popular in Paris and won awards as the best documentary film. This documentary film is being made ??on the many.Hridoy E 71, Potaka, Prajonmo Chattor and Paris have yet to Shunte Ki Pao one of the prize.

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