Singer Milon New Single Album Milon Released 2014

By   December 3, 2013

Milon is a name of Single album of Sokhi Bhalovasa Kare Koi fame singer Milon. The music album coming soon new years first week. Milon single album lyrics and music directed by famous music singer Imran. Singer Milon New Single Album Milon Released 2014

Milon new single album have songs totally 8. Besides new five songs with will be Milon’s others songs are ” Sokhi Bhalobasa Kare Koi”, Tumi Chara and Radha Ramon’s “Mone Naire” song. This album’s others songs headlines are:
1. Yea Khodha
2. Joto Dekhi Tomake
3. Ektu Ektu Kore and
4. Mayabi Badhone
Milon music songs written by Robiul Islam Jibon.

However Imran is known as very popular singer and music director in Bangladeshi song world. His work is very good and he is also good performer himself. Now we are waiting this album success for view.

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