The Spy (2015) Ananta Jalil Upcoming Bangla Movie

By   January 8, 2014

M.A. Jalil Ananta is known as Dhallywood action fame hero. Recently he announced the creation of a movie called The spy. It is the 7th movie of of his production monsoon films. International standards of quality movies. The Spy Bangla Movie picture

Ananta Jalil or Monsoon films movie means big budget, high quality and Dolby sound movie. His other big budget movie to like this movie will be big budget Bangladeshi Bangla movie.

The Spy is a fully action and detective based upcoming Bangla movie. Viewers of the movie is yet to find entertainment. He told me the story of a movie from another movie, the story, everything is different.

M.A.Jalil Ananta and his production house Monsoon Films is now busy his action based upcoming Bangla movie Most Welcome series sequel movie “Most Welcome 2”. The action based movie directed by himself. The film starring by Tolly queen Subhashree Ganguly, Bollywood superstar Bipasha Basu, Jackie Sroff, Dhallywood action hero Ananta Jalil and his wife Borsha and others artists more.

The Spy Who starred in the movie, but do not say anything about it yet starring. However, Jalil Ananta acting that’s ensure Monsoon Films fugleman. Who will directed the movie, the music director, the story of how he did not give details. He said everything will be notified before the start of shooting.

Movie plot & details info coming soon

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