Western Marine Ipo Result By Online

By   September 11, 2014

Western Marine IPO lottery draw result 2014 to be speedy published by online media and the companies official website. The IPOlottery draw held on 10.00 AM in Engineering Institutes at Ramna. Provably the result officially announced exactly times on 12.00 PM.

Mention that the company share was permitted by 519th conference. The company was raised 157 crore 50 million Taka through IPO. This means that the company is raising capital to pay bank loans, infrastructure development, and will spend ipo.

The company as issued share were 4 crore 50 millions share. The company share face value was 10 Taka premium and collected premium price was 25 Taka. The share with premium cost is 35 Taka.

Western Marine shipyard limited company share subscription dates on last 14th August 2014 to 23 August 2014 for residential for Bangladeshis and Non- residential Bangladeshis subscription was last date on 23th August 2014.

Summary of Western Marine Shipyard Limited Ipo:
Total market lot: 100 shares
Per share value: 35 taka/ total 3500 taka
Ipo EPS: 3.87 taka
General public lot: 270000
Affected investors lot: 90000
Non Residential for Bangladeshis lots: 45000
Mutual fund lot: 45000
Western Marine shipyard limited total lots: 4,50,000

Western Marine shipyard limited ipo result:
Bank/Branch code
General Public
Affected Small Investors
Mutual Fund

IPO result

From the ipo which was affected small investors may be they are profitable. Over all investors can profit from the share. And the rest we know after held the share lottery result. Online media the result to be published Western Marine Ltd ipo result.

Many small and others investors are waiting known their ipo results. Dear guys in a short time means after 12.00 PM to be published Western Marine Lt ipo result 2014.

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