WiFi Facility Public Bus For The First Time In Dhaka, Bangladesh

By   April 10, 2014

Mass Paribahan BRTC buses in Dhaka, Bangladesh for the first time today, the government has added WiFi facilities. So free convenience allows passengers to browse the internet through mobile phones this way. The initial stage will be to test the 10 bus service.  WiFi Facility Public Bus For The First Time In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Turn on the streets of Dhaka digital bus. Take advantage of wireless Internet access in the Uttara to Motijheel route buses will run. The first phase  began on Thursday with 10 buses controlled by the digital bus journey vehicle tracking technology. Where can know bus passengers as a result of how far from home.

Each bus has four state-owned mobile phone operator Teletalk buyers Wi – Fi router will. As a result, at least 40 passengers on the bus will be able to browse the internet with any smart device. Each bus will have a sticker with the barcode in the top ten. The customer has a picture of the device with Wi – Fi network should be shared.

Road beauty of an advertising agency as well as the Vinaile World named by incremental implementation of the project is to bring Wi-Fi. Anyone with a mobility during this road five Mbps speed Internet access will be able to play.

BRTC authorities placed them in the same office where the bus will be able to know what is in dashborad. The trip also gave a live without it, or you can check whether the destination is the journey.

Access to the project, told PEOPLE at Perspative expert Nayeemuzzaman Mukta said , people have taken to iterested technology more information . They can utilize the time in the current road , which will further the objective of digital programs .

Mukta also said , Motijheel to Uttara There are several pocket airtel network problem . They were asked to decide . While the bus speed of 55 to 60 kilometers to the use of the Internet should not be an issue for passengers .

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