Windows 9 Update Version And Features

By   July 3, 2014

Windows 9 is a complete update windows. Very soon Microsoft Windows 9 coming in market. It’s an fully update features based windows, which use the windows they are gets various features from this windows.Microsoft company thinks that, Windows 9 is a very and actives windows than others windows as windows 6, windows 7 and very update to windows 8. So called that Windows 9 is very modern and update based operating system.  Windows 9 Update Version And Features

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 9 will arrange everything according to the type of device. Desktop, the laptop, tablet and touch laptops will create a separate interface itself. Do not need to give any commands for different hardware but the operating system will automatically do this.

Because of the complexities of the Windows 8 so has gained popularity. Although Microsoft made ​​the operating system for the desktop and the laptop tablet devices of the interface was a little difficult. For this not needed individually commands and it’s working active by automatically.

For this problem windows 8 does not appear in the market. This operating system of Microsoft made for touch device but it was problem for Desktop and Laptop of interface. For this reason most of people used at still windows 8.

This problem does not appear in the Windows 9. It will interface advantages give device touch mouse for the desktop and laptops and Keyboard allow convenient interface. If you would like to use the operating system’s default interface, users can access.

September is due out at the preview version of Windows 9. He waits for the user to take a taste of this facility will be new windows operating systems.

Microsoft Communications chief Frank Shaw said, Microsoft windows 9 will be released  in a short time. He also said, Windows 9 coming in market may 2015. A rumors speedily in market that’s, late in 2014 or early 2015 in market.

Paul Thurrott is known as Microsoft blogger. He also said, Windows 9 will be released in market April 2015. We ensure that Windows 9 released date in market do not cross 2015. May be next year means 2015 spring time will be released the Microsoft Windows 9.

More peoples ask how much price of Windows 9. But Microsoft windows price rate not announced at now. May recently will be published Windows 9 rate. For know windows 9 operating systems a few days waiting.

Microsoft Windows 9 wii be 64 bit and added more updates options with this operating systems. With more as 3D supported and with have various apps etc. So at last we called that Microsoft Windows 9 is a complete operating system for users. So i think Microsoft Windows 9 will be open a new era for ours new world.

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