World of Mobile Wireless Internet Brings Google

By   April 8, 2014

Good news for mobile internet users. Google brings high speed mobile internet for mobile internet users.Internet access from mobile phones satisfied with your current network? If an option is better for you ‘Wireless Networks’ going to Google.  World of Mobile Wireless Internet Brings Google

Already the world’s most popular mobile phone operating system Google Android and the United States launched the fastest broadband Internet . Apart from the world’s most popular search engine Google , it seems she left . As a result, the company has now decided to bring mobile wireless network , then moving Meets all other internet service provider .

U.S. media reports , Google plans its own wireless network to connect to the Internet via the World . As well as make calls and send text messages through the Internet can be .

Google’s new network for the customers to make use of existing networks can better buyers and four jira. Eksatre from different mobile networks will provide customers the services they are purchased at wholesale.

In the mobile virtual network operator service, the Google (emabhienao). Establish themselves without any infrastructure such sebadatara infrastructure using a variety of organizations.

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